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zillafreak: well i see the admin of this site don't give 2 fucks about it Mar 8, 2016 8:05:57 GMT -5
zillafreak: Need to spread the word of your forum if you want it to grow Feb 26, 2016 15:10:46 GMT -5
doworkson: :D Feb 22, 2016 22:49:48 GMT -5
zillafreak: join other banshee or atv groups and forums Feb 18, 2016 12:52:59 GMT -5
Sheeruns93: Alright thanks. I already posted it on the Facebook group and my profile. Don't know where else to look. Feb 18, 2016 11:40:49 GMT -5
zillafreak: need to get the word out about the forum. post a link in other facebook groups and also on other forums Feb 18, 2016 10:28:17 GMT -5
Sheeruns93: Alright guys what do you think about this? I think the text colors may need to be changed Feb 17, 2016 16:27:29 GMT -5
Sheeruns93: Alright, I'm downloading a new theme file here in a second. I think you guys might like it better maybe with a few different color changes Feb 17, 2016 16:23:15 GMT -5
zillafreak: the old non red text was easy for me to read Feb 17, 2016 16:19:30 GMT -5
Sheeruns93: Alright sorry about that. I'm afraid I'm going to go color blind messing with these colors lol Feb 17, 2016 16:15:52 GMT -5
thacker82: You high Feb 17, 2016 16:14:16 GMT -5
zillafreak: don't like the red, hard to read now Feb 17, 2016 16:08:04 GMT -5
zillafreak: Looking better, like the new colors Feb 17, 2016 16:07:46 GMT -5